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  • Expanding Provider

    Of Industrial Solutions

  • Global Certificate

    ISO 9001:2015

  • Award Winning

    Solution Of The Year


Q1: What is the range of products offered by you?

We are the sole distributors in India of the French SIC metal marking
machines, which are available in a wide variety to meet all types of marking
requirements. We also offer customized products and services that improve
productivity on shop floor. These customized offers include automation,
autoloader, and gauging. We also distribute a range of industrial consumables
from global leaders such as 3M, Sandvik Coromant, Grindwell Norton, Cognex

Q2: What is your product offering for high-speed metal marking?

Column mounted dot peen machine is the best high-speed marking solution
when the job is horizontal.

Q3: Which marking machine should we choose for large-size parts?

For large-size jobs, we offer portable dot peen marking machines. Most of
these are light-weight battery operated machines with a compact and rugged

Q4: Can we integrate marking machine to our production line?

Yes, integrating a marking machine with a production line helps save time
and effort both. We can offer the most effective marking solutions by integrating
dot peen or scribing type marking machine with your production line.

Q5: Which marking machine offers good accuracy and superior quality, along with high rate of marking?

Laser marking machines are the best to meet these requirements. In
addition, laser marking is effective on all metals and alloys, and also works well
on non-metals components made from fiber or even plastics.

Q6: What is the advantage of automation in marking?

Our automation solutions in marking are designed to improve productivity.
Apart from offering the most appropriate dot peen or laser marking machine, we
also incorporate sensors to detect position, design suitable fixtures and clamps to
hold the machine or job in place and provide customized front fascia for marking
machine to enable hands-free marking.

Q7: What other automation is offered by you to enhance productivity?

We also have other automation solutions which essentially incorporate
unique trolley designs for material handling. We have also designed an
automated system for loading and unloading of industrial tiles from conveyor.

Q8: What shop-floor automation solutions are offered by you?

We design different type of conveyor systems to automate the marking
process. Some examples are laser marking on impeller wheel, dot peen marking
on engine block, and dot peen marking on differential case.

Q9: Do you have a gantry automation solution?

“Handler” is a popular and very effective gantry automation solution offered
by us for loading and unloading of mass produced components on CNC machine
centers. This solution is ideal for lightweight components like bearing races,
gears, pistons, fasteners etc. By implementing this solution, most clients have
received their investment payback in less than 3 years.

Q10: What type of gauging equipment do you offer?

Our gauging equipment ranges from single channel LVDT with digital read-
out to 8-channel LVDT with digital read-out. This gauging equipment are
especially useful in mass production of machined components.

Q11: How is Purshotam’s customer support organized?

We have customer support and service teams available in 24 major
industrial cities of India, which are spread across the length and breadth of the
country. Any customer location in India can be served by one of these 24 support
centers in a matter of 24 hours or less.

Q 12: What is distinctive about your customer support?

Apart from offering service and repair support for all the machinery and
equipment supplied by us, we work with our customers “From Idea to
Realization” – a journey that covers consulting, planning, preparation, execution,
testing, and completion. Our productivity enhancement solutions have resulted in
cost payback in less than 3 years for most customers.

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