Purshotam Company Private Limited established in 1946 and is a leading industrial distribution company in India having sales & service centers in major industrial cities and towns of India. We specialize in Metal Marking Machines for identification and traceability, Automation, and Autoloader (Gantry). We represent and distribute the following world-renowned brands:


What We Offer

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Benefits We Offer


The general principles and values of Purshotam Company Private Limited include competence, professionalism, honesty, integrity, transparency, fair and equal treatment, team spirit and mutual respect and discretion.


We are a team of hardworking experts who believe in offering you the best solutions and meet you requirements at the earliest. Our customers are our top-priority.


We are passionate about every requirement that comes our way. To ensure excellence in our work we adhere to the latest standards and technologies available at any given point.

From Idea To Realization

Our experts provide engineering-related services such as design, supervision, execution, repair, operation, maintenance and technology. The design team assists you with various formations of drawings and specifications. We also counsel miscellaneous companies, firms and industries.

From idea to realization, the most significant step is consulting, this aids us to analyze every aspect of the solution you require.

It is important that you state all your requirements so that our team of engineers with a plethora of experience can present you with the best possible solution for your needs.

Planning (also called forethought) is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal.

Production planning is the planning of production and manufacturing modules in a company or industry. It utilizes the resource allocation of activities of employees, materials and production capacity, in order to serve different customers.

Different types of production methods, such as single item manufacturing, batch production, mass production, continuous production etc. have their own type of production planning.

In this step our engineers and architects finish their design and blueprints with last feedback from you before starting the execution of the project. Material is being shipped ( if working remotely ) or stored in required quantities for further usage.

Workers are being given detail instructions and clearing any doubts with them on how thing are need to be done.

All tools is being prepared for shipping ( if working remotely ) and prepared for usage. In this step all is double checked so risk of large issue is minimal.

Execution is the step when solution is being finally built. Now workers step in take the control of the solution with constant supervising by team of engineers which are dedicated to project.

Since in previous steps everything is double checked chances to something goes wrong in this step are minimal and only what is required is time for the solution to be finished.

Our every project so far was finished right on time so there is no chance that the deadline is being passed. Here you can do only smaller changes to the project.

This step means that your solution is almost finished and now again our engineers step in to do the final testing and fine tunes if required. Here every inch of the solution is being thoroughly testing for any inconsistencies and if there are any it needs to be fixed.

This is the step which can prolong project finish but in our 40 years of experience this was never the case.

During the execution step team is designing testing steps which are planned so everything can go smoothly and without any unplanned failures.

This step means that the project is finished and fully functional without the issue.

At this step you or your team will receive complete documentation on how to use solution together with certain amount of educational hours depending on the project complexity.

Beside on how to use documentation you will also receive list of possible issues, which can occur as a result of the exploitation and material consumption, with the explanation on how to resolve them in a safe and precise way.

What Others Say

Mahesh Rao


We are pleased to say that work done by Purshotam Company Private Limited is outstanding. Everything that we asked was done on time and with high precision by the professional team. With proper briefing, there is no room for any mistakes. During the project execution team has applied requested changes in a professional manner.
Sanjay Rana


Purshotam Company Private Limited with its branches in mechanical, electrical, oil, automotive, agricultural industry had handled our request from there. We are happy to say that every job was done on time and with high quality.
Kamal Agraval


In the need of the total cultivation control and overseeing of the agriculture processes, we've selected Purshotam Company Private Limited which tended to be our best corporation decisions. All our problem were solved quickly and professionally by the Purshotam Company Private Limited team.
Mahesh Aiyer

Project Manager

In the need of the large quantity of the metal products like profile and sheets, we've found that all we need can be found by the Purshotam Company Private Limited. Our automotive company with millions of metal produced each year has found the supplier of the high precision sheets which can be used in all our metal products.
S.K. Bahety

Manager (Purchase)

We hereby declare that M/s. Purshotam Company Private Limited, Kolkata is giving us excellent support in terms of Supply Commitments, Service for our Company. We wish him all success in this field.
Sanjib Dhara

Dy.Manager - Production

We are satisfied with the service support & quality of product from Purshotam Company Private Limited. Their representative always help us with early action. We got fantastic support for multi product range like Sandvik Cutting Tools, ITW Chemin, Bradma Punch. We hope their success.


we are happy with the products & services provided by Purshotam Company Private Limited.
Rupam Ghosh


Your overall performance is very good as per previous experience. We expect you will continue this in future.


We would like to inform you that your product which we have to use in our workshop are ITW brand rust preventive oil METAL-L-GARD RP-631 and EDM-30. The preformance of both product is very good and we are also very satisfied about your services.
Tuhin kanti MISHRA


We are pleased to inform you that we are very much satisfied with your service and products.
S Gupta


We are satisfied with your timely supply of insets. We are also happy with your time to time communication with us reguarding the insert stock position in our plant.
Binod Adukia

Maruti Industries Howrah

This is to bring to your knowledge that I am satisfied with your services
S. A. Rahman

J D Jones & Co. (P) Ltd.

This is for your information that as of now we are satisfied with your service and on time delivery as per terms and expect such co-operation from you in future.
Sanjib Dhara

Premier Tools Trading Co.

We get good support for Delivery and Order goods in time. This help us to give Better Service to our customer. Since we have relationshif of merely one year, But we feel its long long time relation. We hope to have nice relation forever.

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Pune Office Address :
Purshotam Company Private Limited,
BanerIvory Estates, Near Hotel Green Park,
Mont Vert Voila # 303, 13/1 Baner Road,
Aundh, Pune: 411007, India.

Phone: Toll-Free Number: 1800 121 1525
Mon-Fri : 9:30AM – 6:00PM
Sat : 9:30AM – 2:00PM
Land Line No.+91-20-4678 2070

Email : enquire@purshotam.com

Chennai Office Address :
Purshotam Company Private Limited, 101, First Floor,
SRS Orchard Residences, Perumal Kovil Street Velapanchavadi,
Chennai - 60007, India.

Kolkata Office Address :
Purshotam Company Private Limited,
8, Lyons Range, GPO 2005,
1st Floor, Kolkata – 700001, India.


Phone: +91 33 22434941 / 22315344

Fax : +91 33 22305299

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  • Kolkata
  • Pune
  • Chennai
  • Ahmedabad
  • Bangalore
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  • Chandigarh
  • Coimbatore
  • Delhi
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  • Indore
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  • Kolhapur
  • Lucknow
  • Ludhiana
  • Mumbai
  • Nagpur
  • Pantagar
  • Puducherry
  • Rajkot
  • Trichy
  • Vadodara

Pune Factory Address :
Purshotam Company Private Limited,
Plot No.-BGSEI-10/2-3, General Block,
Philips Chowk, Near Hotel Green Leaf
MIDC Bhosari, Pune-411039, India.

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Purshotam Company Private Limited was founded in 1946. We are the sole distributor of the world-renowned SIC metal marking machines in India. We also develop, design and manufacture Auto-loaders and Gantries. We possess a strong Pan India presence. After years of perseverance, persistence and determination we have become one of the largest and most leading metal marking suppliers in India.

Contact Us

Pune Office Address :
Purshotam Company Private Limited,
Baner Ivory Estates, Near Hotel Green Park,
Mont Vert Voila # 303,13/1 Baner Road,
Aundh, Pune: 411007, India.

Phone: Toll-Free Number: 1800 121 1525
Mon-Fri : 9:30AM – 6:00PM
Sat : 9:30AM – 2:00PM

Land Line No.+91-20-4678 2070

Email : enquire@purshotam.com

Toll Free Number

1800 121 1525

Mon-Fri : 9:30AM – 6:00PM
Sat : 9:30AM – 2:00PM

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