E1 P123 Portable Marking Machine

The e1 p123 portable engraving machine is a member of portable engraving machine family designed for heavy and oversized components. Due to its portability and compact design, it can easily fit into difficult-to-access places. The advanced design of the handle and back plate makes it a robust and well-balanced machine suitable for long term operation as it reduces user fatigue.

It is driven by electromagnetic technology and does not require any pneumatic supply. It is popular for its compact design, high quality, deep marks and creating data matrix codes. Marking window of (120 x 40 mm) allows for the marking of high, easily visible characters.


Robustness Lightweight cast aluminium body for intensive use
Ergonomics Excellent balancing
User Friendly HD color display for intuitive
Wide Marking Window 120 X 40 mm

Portable Dot Peen Alphanumeric 2D DataMatrix Code Logo


Marking window: 120 x 40 mm
Dimensions: 317 x 217 x 218 mm
Weight: 3.7 kg (8.1 lbs):
Robotic Cable: 3m
Stylus: Carbide


Dimensions: 301 x 121 x 87 mm
Weight: 2 kg(4.4 lbs)
HD Color Screen: 95 x 54 mm
Keyboard: Integrated
Power: 100W
Supply: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


The e1 integrated controller software is used to program all parameters directly through the keyboard (autonomous operation). A Windows tool library also allows programming from a PC.

Marking Files: Up to 20,000
Memory: 100 Mo
Variable: Alphanumerical, Serial, Date, Barcode, Logos
Marking Files: Upload/Download From a USB Key
Fonts: Courier, 4 x 6, OCR-Bold, OCRA, and OCR
Marking Type: Linear, Radial, Angular, Datamatrix, and Logo
Speed: Up to 2.5 Characters per Second
Character Size: 1 mm (minimum)
Impact Force: 1 – 9 Levels
Depth: Up to 0.3 mm
Resolution Between Dots: 0.05 mm


Ports: USB and Jack