E10 R I141 Dot Peen Marking machine

I141 is a compact dot peen marking machine with larger window of 150 x 100mm, which can be easily integrated into automatic production lines. It can mark on materials from plastic to hardened steel (up to 62 HRC). It is easy to use and requires no consumables and minimum maintenance.


Robust Reliability Designed for intense use in industrial environment
Superior Performance High speed, high stylus-to-part distance variation tolerance, powerful integrated
Fast Quality Marking Powerful integrated software and reliable accuracy software
User Friendly Simple integration and programming



Marking window: 150 x 100 mm
Dimensions: 354 x 288 x 248 mm
Weight: 12 kg
Connecting Cable: 5m, (up to 15m available)
Stylus: Carbide 60 mm
Protective Bellows: Steel
Automatic Z-Axis: Auto-sensing Function Optional (i141A)


Dimensions: 112 x 380 x 222 mm
Weight: 5 kg
LCD Screen Resolution:: 480 x 272 p.
Keyboard: QWERTY-integrated, membrane overlay
Power: 300 Watt
Power Supply: single phase, 85 to 260VAC, 50-60Hz
Number of Controlled Axis: 2 (3 and 4 axis available as options)
Card Options: Booster (deep marking) and Ethernet (communication)
USB Port: Transfer of Marking Files


Marking Files: More Than 2000
Memory: 7110 Ko
Alphanumeric Characters: Serial Number, Date Coding
Logos: Creation from PC software
Datamatrix: Up to 348 characters, 48 x 48 dots
Fonts: Arial, Courier, OCR, and OCRA
Style: Angular, Radial, Inverse, and Mirror
Speed: Up to 5 Characters Per Second.
Character Size: From 0.1 mm to 99 mm
Impact Force: 9 Adjustable Levels
Depth: Up to 0.5 mm
Resolution Between Dots: 0.05 mm
Maximum Stylus Stroke: Up to 8 mm
Work Shift Management: 10 Shifts
Password Protection: 3 Security Levels
Historical Function: password protected
Maintenance Assistance: Auto-Diagnostic Component
Languages Available: 17


Ports: RS232,RS422, USBx2, RS485, Profibus, and Ethernet Optional Board
Inputs/Outputs: 16
External Keyboard Input:: USB
External Output: 5V-0.5A and 24V-0.5A
Logos: Creation and Transfer Software
File Backup on PC: USB Key for Transfer
Database Link: Optional