Grindwell Norton

Grindwell Norton Ltd., is the High performance material division of the French transnational group, SAINT GOBAIN with a T.O. of over Euro 42 bil., operating in 46 countries worldwide and fields a workforce of over 1,70,500.


Grindwell Norton Ltd., has been the driver of the abrasives industry for well over 60 years. After its successful ventures into performance Plastics, industrial ceramics and fused cast refactories, it has established itself as a complete performance provider in the Indian industry. It has manufacturing base in 4 locations and a nationwide sales presence. Purshotam is a major, Authorized distributor, in Eastern India, for the widest range of the famous Grindwell Norton abrasive products, ranging from Bonded Abrasives, Thin Wheels, Super Abrasives, Coated Abrasives & Non-Woven Abrasives.