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Purshotam Company Private Limited has been focusing on direct marking technologies and marking machines for the past 72 years. Our vision is to be the most customer-centric company; to create a portal where product manufacturers from varied industries find virtually all types of product pricing. Our solutions are used in over many countries supporting numerous of customers in the domain of electricity, construction, metal profiles, etc. We are committed to ensuring 100% satisfaction on all your marking requirements.

Company Profile

Purshotam Company Private Limited was founded in 1946. We are the sole distributor of the world-renowned SIC metal marking machines in India. We also develop, design and manufacture Auto-loaders and Gantries. We possess a strong Pan India presence. After years of perseverance, persistence and determination we have become one of the largest and most leading metal marking suppliers in India.

In 2003 we tied up with SIC Marking, France for their Metal Marking Machines for identification and traceability. We introduced its products to the Indian market by setting up sales and service centers in 14 industrial cities and towns of India.

• In 2015, the company proudly became the largest distributor for SIC Marking machines worldwide.
• In 2016 the company opened its own unit for Automation, and to Manufacture Autoloaders in Pune.
• Currently the Total strength is 70 people and we are growing continuously.

Today, Purshotam Company Private Limited marking machines products and automation is widely used and recognized.

What We Offer

Purshotam Company Private Limited provides expert marking solutions and equipment to the clients all over the world. We offer a variety of product marking, traceability, autoloader and automation solutions; using the latest bench integrated marking, portable marking, and laser marking technologies. These products are widely used in the electrical equipment, construction, metal profiles, and many other industries.

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