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IMTEX 2019 was organized at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) from 24 to 30 January, 2019 in Bengaluru. It is a grand business-to-business exhibition which attracts a wide variety of manufacturing and ancillary industries. As it is an event which highlights the latest technology and the current industry trends it captures the attention of industry leaders who are eager to source the latest manufacturing and productivity solutions.

IMTEX is directed towards the goal of enabling excellence in manufacturing through top-notch technology which enhances productivity without compromising on cost-effectiveness.

Purshotam Company Private Limited understood the growing need for tracing and identification solutions, and through our commitment towards our clients, we have become one of the leading distributors of superior metal marking machines at economical prices.

IMTEX 2019 was an opportunity for us to showcase the variety of metal marking solutions that we provide. Here is a quick glimpse:

Dot Peen marking

The technology employed here is simple electro-mechanical movement whereby a diamond stylus moves back and forth, when pulse current is passed through a solenoid.

As this stylus hits a metal surface, it makes a small dot-shaped indent. These tiny dots are used to create letters, numbers, and even an image.


In this type of marking, a carbide or diamond tip penetrates the surface and makes a groove. The marking therefore is in the form of a continuous line or a continuous groove. This is also called “drop and drag” or “scratch” marking.


Laser is a high energy beam of monochromatic light, which can penetrate even metal. For metal marking, a high frequency beam is generated from a laser source and is then amplified in a fibre optic cable, and focused using a series of rotating mirrors. A lens then concentrates this beam into 30 micro meter size.

When this laser beam hits a metal surface, three distinct reactions take place –engraving, annealing, and foaming.

Isn’t it interesting?

As mentioned above, this is just a sneak peak, we have so much more for you. In the following blogs we discuss the metal marking technologies we displayed at IMTEX 2019 individually.

So stay tuned for the latest and the best of metal marking!

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