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IMTEX 2019 is a mega exhibition which covers significant engineering applications and innovations, is directed towards the goal of enabling excellence in manufacturing through top-notch technology which enhances productivity without compromising on cost-effectiveness.

At Purshotam, we have kept pushing ourselves to deliver the latest marking technology at the right price. Through our skill and persistence have become sole distributor of the world-renowned SIC metal marking machines in India, thus, bringing the latest global marking technologies to the country. We also develop, design and manufacture auto-loaders and gantries, and possess a strong pan India presence.

At IMTEX 2019, we had an opportunity to display the best of what we have to offer. We showcased a wide variety of:

  • Integrated marking machines
  • Column mounted marking machines
  • Portable marking machines
  • Scribing marking machines
  • Laser marking machines

While interacting with the visitors at IMTEX, we realized that while in most applications it may be possible to use standard integrated marking machine on to the production line or mark large number of parts offline using a column mounted marking machine; there are some applications that need customization.

Purshotam Company Private Limited, understands that every customer is unique and might have distinct needs that may not be met through conventional metal marking machines. Thus, we change ourselves and our offerings according to your needs through:


At Purshotam, we patiently listen to your marking requirement before trying to sell you our products. Knowing what you really need helps us serve you better.


As the industry evolves, its requirements also change. Purshotam always adapts to the changes in the industry and brings the latest that the market has to offer to our patrons.


Over the years, we have had several instances where we have modified our standard offerings through creative innovation and helped our clients meet their marking needs.

For instance, to mark a shaft with varying length and diameter at its end, it may need customization in the form of fixtures to hold the shaft in vertical or horizontal position. Surface detection is done using sensors.

Similarly, to mark three different plates of varying sizes will also need customization. Here, plate-feeders of different sizes are made and marking cycles are designed accordingly.

IMTEX 2019 has helped us realize that custom marking solutions will always be important in the industry. Our interactions with the visitors at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) have given us the encouragement to:

  • Listen to you more to understand you better.
  • Adapt more to your growing needs.
  • Innovate more to meet your changing demands.

To know more about Purshotam and our offerings, feel free to reach out to us!

For more on our time at IMTEX 2019, keep reading!

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