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IMTEX is often considered as South and South East Asia’s premier exhibition which showcases the “latest trends as well as technological refinements from India and other global players”.

The Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) organizes this mega exhibition which attracts a wide variety of manufacturing and ancillary industries.

Purshotam is a leading metal marking machine distributor in the country, with years of experience in exceeding the expectations of our clients. We are committed towards enhancing the productivity of our clients. At IMTEX 2019, we were able to showcase our metal marking strengths. Today, we talk about our integrated marking solutions.

Integrated marking machines can be integrated on the production line using Ethernet, Profinet, or Profibus. The marking machine could be dot peen or laser type. Some of these machines are like “plug and play” with use of RS 232 interface and USB for communication with a PC. Such machines are intelligent and very versatile.

E10 I53

This dot peen marking machine was designed for flawless integration into automatic production lines. It is compact, lightweight and requires minimal maintenance and consumables. It is easy to use and will mark any material including plastics and hardened steel (up to 62HRC). Its components are protected by a heavy duty steel case.

E10 R I141

This is a compact dot peen marking machine with a larger window of 150 x 100mm, which can be easily integrated into automatic production lines. It can mark on materials from plastic to hardened steel (up to 62 HRC).

 E10 R I83

This integrated marking machine is another member of the integrated dot peen marking machine family which was designed for flawless integration into automatic production lines. Its effortless operation, advanced quality and the wide distance variation tolerance between the stylus and the part makes it a reliable dot peen marking machine.

At Purshotam, we believe in providing our client with the best marking solution at the right price, thus every integrated marking solution that we offer has:

  • Superior performance
  • Powerful integration software
  • Compact and robust design
  • Low cost of ownership

Interested in our integrated marking machines? Reach out to us now! We will be happy to serve you.

To know more about Purshotam and IMTEX, keep reading.

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