E10 C303 Dot Peen Marking Machine

It is another member of dot peen marking machine family with similar features but with larger marking window of 300 X 150 mm.


Speed And Accuracy Upto 3000 parts per day with 0.02mm accuracy
Comfortable To Operate Integrated counter memorizes positions, LED lighting for visual comfort
Large Marking Winsow 300 x 150 mm
Cost Effective Designed for intensive use

Dot Peen Alphanumeric 2D DataMatrix Code Logo



Marking window: 300 x 150 mm
Weight: 30kg
Dimensions: 385 x 350 x 704 mm
Stylus: Carbide 60 mm


Dimensions: 322 x 380 x 112 mm
Weight: 5kg
LCD Screen Resolution: 480 x 272 p
Keyboard: QWERTY-Integrated, Membrane Overlay
Power: 300 Watt
Power Supply: Single Phase (85 to 260VAC, 50-60Hz)
Number of Controlled Axis: 2 (optional 3 and 4 axis available)
Card Options: Booster (deep marking) and Ethernet (communication)
USB Port: Transfer of Marking Files


Marking Files: More Than 2000
Memory: 7110 Ko
Alphanumeric Characters: Serial Number, Date Coding
Logos: Creation from PC Software
Datamatrix: Up to 348 Characters, 48 x 48 dots
Fonts: Arial, Courier, OCR, and OCRA
Style Angular, Radial, Inverse, and Mirror
Speed Up to 5 Characters Per Second
Character Size: From 0.1 mm to 99 mm
Impact Force: 9 Adjustable Levels
Depth: Up to 0.5 mm
Resolution Between Dots: 0.05 mm
Maximum Stylus Stroke: Up to 8 mm
Work Shift Management: 10 Shifts
Password Protection: 3 Security Levels
Historical Function: Password Protected
Maintenance Assistance: Auto-Diagnostic Component
Languages Available: 17


Ports: RS232, RS422, USBx2, RS485, Profibus, and Ethernet Optional Board
Inputs/Outputs: 16
External Keyboard Input: USB
External Output: 5V-0.5A and 24V-0.5A
Logos: Creation and Transfer Software
File Backup on PC: USB Key for Transfer
Database Link: Optional