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IMTEX 2019 which was organized at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) from 24 to 30 January, 2019 in Bengaluru, by the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA), is often considered as South and South East Asia’s premier exhibition which showcases the “latest trends as well as technological refinements from India and other global players”.

At Purshotam, we have always believed in bringing the latest and the most efficient marking technologies to our patrons, and IMTEX 2019 gave us an opportunity to show our offerings to a wider audience.

Our predictions about the future of marking

As it is an event which highlights the latest technology and the current industry trends it captures the attention of industry leaders, key decision makers and policy makers, who are interested in the latest manufacturing and productivity solutions.

IMTEX 2019 gave us tremendous exposure to a variety of businesses and technology providers which helped us understand the direction in which the marking industry is heading.

With the factory production lines becoming progressively more automated and the increasing use of robots, there might be greater challenge in integration of marking machines.

To work with robots in the factory, metal marking machine integration would require more accurate sensors for positioning, and more complex actuators, without increasing the acquisition and maintenance cost dramatically.

Thus, the marking machine in the near future would be an integrated laser type mark and check system, with a compact and low-cost vision hardware; operating along with robots and a complex system of clamping devices, sensors, and actuators.

The vast scope of IMTEX 2019 which covers significant engineering applications and innovations, is directed towards the goal of enabling excellence in manufacturing through top-notch technology which enhances productivity without compromising on cost-effectiveness, and at Purshotam we have a similar mission – to provide the best marking technology to our patrons at the right price!

We believe that the future of metal marking is exciting, and promise to bring you the most advanced marking innovations.

To know more about Purshotam and our time at IMTEX 2019, keep reading our blog!

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